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Unsure of where to start? Here we cater for all your performance needs, whether is just a consultation and some friendly advice or you need something much more specific. We can cater for that! Everyone is different with goals, performance and physiology and thus our approuch is bespoke to your needs. We don't do 'coaching packages' we do performance support.


Unsure of what to do? We are currently offering a free* consultation. Provide us with your performance data and some information about yourself. We will review it prior to having a chat. We will then talk you through some strengths and weaknesses based on your goals. We will show you how we can help you. You will get a small little document with these key points. *We only offer a handful of these a month, so drop us an email


Performance Assessments [CP + W']

Unsure how to test critical power and W', but want to know more. Then click this link to download our testing week. If you need custom protocols specific to you and your event demands to monitor progress we can help as well. The possibilities are endless.

Click the CP_Assessment_Link


Physiological Consultation 

Whether you require physiological support for an event. Team or individual testing, or you have a variety of performance factors to consider such as heat, altitude, travel and sleep hygiene. We can help. We have a vast network of individuals who are we established in their respective fields which we can bring into projects if needed. If you have a problem, we will provide the solution.


Data Science

One of our specialities is finding solutions to performance problems and questions. We can carry out investigative work from your performance data, whether lab or environmental data. We can produce custom analytics, custom-code scripts, performance overviews and statistical work. To support your requirements, whether it is an one off project or ongoing. If anything requires an embargo or an NDA this is also not a problem


Education and Presentations

Our Education and Presentation services are crafted to empower athletes and coaches by offering insights from industry leaders. We provide tailored workshops and presentations that address the specific needs of each team. With a seasoned team that has shared knowledge with World Tour cycling coaches and delivered workshops to enhance overall team performance, we're committed to helping you achieve success through our expert athlete education programs

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