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Alex Welburn, is an accomplished Physiologist and Performance Coach, wears multiple hats in the academic and sports worlds. Alongside his intermittent lecturing engagements at Loughborough University, he is immersed in his PhD research centred around Critical Power and W'. His journey spans more than a decade of competitive cycling, during which he represented GB in cyclocross and mountain bike competitions and was selected for the 2012 Cyclocross World Championships.


Now, his leisure moments find him amidst the mountains, nurturing his ambition to become a proficient guide. With a rich experience of nine years, Alex has collaborated with cyclists across all tiers, ranging from ultra-endurance world champions to participants in the Women’s Tour de France, Common Wealth Games and Track/Road Para world championships. Underpinning his doctoral pursuits, he oversees The Performance Project, lending his expertise in consultation and coaching to athletes. Notably, he takes pride in his sponsorship of the LAKA X Pedal Mafia Race Team, based in the southern regions. He is a regular writer for cycling weekly; 'Ask a Cycling Coach'

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My Story

My journey is built on a deep-rooted passion for cycling that spans nearly 12 years across various disciplines. Along this path, I achieved recognition on a national level, clinching the top spot in rankings and securing a commendable third place in the Elite Men's national cross-country mountain bike series. During my junior years, I proudly ranked within the top 50 in the UCI world rankings.

Transitioning from an athlete to a coach and performance supporter over nearly a decade, I embraced roles in both cycling and motorsport. This multifaceted experience has laid the foundation for my diverse expertise.


As I embarked on my PhD journey, in further pursuit of knowledge, I established The Performance Project—a venture dedicated to enhancing athlete potential. Guided by a practical, evidence-based approach, I find joy in unravelling challenges and empathising with athletes' struggles due to my own background in competitive sports.

My commitment extends to supporting others, symbolised by my sponsorship of the Laka X Pedal Mafia Race Team as their performance partner. With a humble approach, I continue to value problem-solving and growth, dedicating myself to empowering athletes.

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