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 This is our process and it allows us to be true to our coaching philosophy and ethos. An athlete centered approach where every decision we make has your interests at the front 

Athlete Centred Approach

We take an athlete centred approach. We have our trusted methods to ensure a thorough onboarding process. This is something we don't rush as we want to get to know you as much as possible.


This is why we have a limited number of spaces. This isn't a marketing tactic, when we are full we are full. This ensures we can always meet your expectations and deliver you everything you need. 

You are at the forefront of every performance decision we make.


Your physiology is unique to you, this is your athlete fingerprint and this is how we work.  

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Our prices start from £160 PM 

Your package will have everything you need. 

If you are unsure about anything, simply just drop us a message. 

Example Report

Our Process


We will always have a consultation prior to starting. This means we get to know you, but importantly, you get to know us. It can be a minefield and we want to make this as easy as possible for you.  We have an onboarding process that we believe in. It allows us to understand your individual needs as an athlete. We don't offer generic coaching/performance packages. We cater specifically to you, and ensure it entails everything you need. 



As part of the initial onboarding process, we will discuss and go through your aims, a combination of both process and performance-based goals. We go through these in depth to understand what motivates you and what you hope to achieve. This is part of the process to understand the gap between the point where you are now and where you want to go. It is our job to identify everything we can and need to do in order to achieve your goal and to lay out the steps for progress. 


Performance Assessments 

Once we have a sound understanding of your needs and goals, we then need to assess where we are in relation to those. We will often conduct 2-3 assessment in the first week. These will vary from athlete to athlete. But we'll often do a critical power and W' assessment through a 3 and 12 minute time trial effort. Head over to our resource page to learn more about critical power and W'.


Performance Overview + Training Direction

After we have completed our baseline assessments, which are often dictated by your goals and events you compete in, we provide an extensive, multi-page report unique to you. It dives into your physiology, it tells you where you are in relation to your goals and it sets out the why to our training. It informs you what we will be looking for in terms of progress as well. It sets out both ours and your expectations, collectively making us both accountable. 


Then We Train

With all the above in mind, your training programme and performance support have a clear direction and purpose. We constantly review, adjust, tweak and ask questions to assess how you are getting on and adapt as we get to know you more. This is very much a two-way process.  Performance is dynamic in its very nature, so we adapt and alter as much as needed. Essentially is is professional stress management, we try and take as much of that stress away from you as possible.



We'll periodically evaluate how training has been going, how we are progressing, and where we are now in relation to our original goals. Progress is key, everyone adapts at different rates.

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