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Our Philosophy


We have an athlete-centered approach, which means every decision we make has your performance at the forefront of every decision. We get to know you, we pride ourselves on building that athlete-coach relationship to build that trust. 


With many years working with athletes, to the experience gained from racing, add that to a BSc, and MSc and currently a final year PhD student. We bring all of this knowledge and experience together to help you


Everyone is different, everyone works differently and has different needs. This is one of the reasons why we don't have 'packages'. This means they are totally bespoke for you. This means we can adapt and work around you as much as we can to minimise any stress. So you can focus on whats important to you

Research & Science 

'informed by the latest science' is something I'm sure you have heard and read elsewhere. We are active in the research world contributing to the world of cycling science. As a PhD Student, my aim is to ask those questions that help inform training. From custom analytics to developing the applied work of W' and W' modelling. Take a look at our research gate profile. 

We don't complicate things by throwing round loads of terminology to sound sophisticated. We keep things straightforward. But we will always provide you will all the information that you need


Prior to starting, we will go through an in-depth chat, to get to understand your performance needs. This means that everything we do is based on you. Simple right? We only have a set amount of places, which means we have the time to do all the things that we need to do. We have created custom metrics and completed specific performance overviews with events. So we can go through all the things possible that can have an impact on performance. We absolutely love doing this. To use you really are an indervidual

Ultimately, you will have someone who has your back, who wants the most out of you, someone who wants you to overcome what you thought might not be possible, for you to achieve what you aspire for. We will guide you through the whole journey and keep you informed. 

On the left is my presenting research from my first porject at the 2023 Science in Cycing Research Conferance. 

We mean what we say.



When the solution is unknown, when it is complex and challenging, we pride ourselves on stepping into the unknown, outside our comfort zone. We question everything, and we thrive on ideas. This is where the magic happens. This is where we work at our best.

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