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When the solution is unknown, when it is complex and challenging, we pride ourselves on stepping into the unknown, outside our comfort zone. We question everything, and we thrive on ideas. This is where the magic happens and this is where we work at our best.

About The Performance Project

Physiological Support & Performance Coaching

At The Performance Project, we take a unique approach to working with athletes and teams. We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way, providing you with a personalised roadmap that highlights your current position and needs , which provides you with the steps to achieve your goals. Our athlete-centred approach sets us apart, ensuring that your needs and aspirations are at the forefront every performance decision we make . If you're ready to take your performance to the next level, book an introductory meeting with us today.

What we do best

At The Performance Project, we offer both performance coaching and support. Setting us apart from the rest, our approach stands unique. We delve into your individual requirements, unravel your performance goals, and collaboratively devise a comprehensive strategy to guide you precisely to your desired destination.

Our Ethos

We cultivate excellence through personalised coaching. Our forte lies in fostering profound coach-athlete bonds, ensuring each athlete feels valued. Backed by cutting-edge sports science and a wealth of experience, we provide unparalleled coaching and performance support. We thrive on innovation, constantly redefining limits.

Our Philosophy

​The heart of The Performance Project beats for the uncharted, where complexity and challenges drive us. Unafraid to venture beyond comfort, we interrogate norms, igniting innovation. Here lies our prime efficiency. We fuse performance coaching and unwavering support, distinguishing us. Understanding your distinct aspirations and needs, we co-create a roadmap to propel you precisely where your ambitions reside.


Backed by Experience 

Our experience is rich and varied, spanning Commonwealth Games athletes, participants in World Tour events, and contenders at World Championships. But our expertise isn't limited to the elite; we've also worked with athletes in national and amateur competitions, as well as those pursuing improved fitness. Regardless of your level, we're here to offer guidance and support on your path to success. With each athlete, we craft a personalised roadmap to your aspirations, tailored to your individual strengths and goals.


''When I first crossed paths with Alex I had done one mediocre year with someone else. Four years later–when we parted ways–I stand by it being the most important relationship I have had–and still have–in this sport. Despite being in separate camps with sporadic contact, too. I believe that this relationship stands because of the level of learning Alex and I went through during my most formative teenage years, some of the most important years in any person’s life. He helped me grow far more than just becoming a stronger rider. He taught me lessons in communication that last long past any career. The trust I felt in Alex comes by rarely I felt we were on the same page, and when we weren’t he’d most certainly tell me about it! Finally, to this day I feel spoilt by the depth of feedback Alex encouraged me to provide, and in turn dish out. It kept me on the straight and narrow. Something that is difficult to come by in this day and age of remote online coaching. Go with Alex, enough said!

Tom Portsnmouth - U23 Semi Professional Cyclist at Bingoal WB Continental Team 


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