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Multidisciplinary Support

We are a big believer in teamwork, and supporting you in the best way possible. This involves having a network of trusted, valued and respected individuals who are fantastic at what they do. Find below a range of people offering support in the field. If you want to work with one of them, we will ensure we work effectively as a team to optimise your performance. 

These are people we trust

As honesty is one of our integral values, we don't receive any referral bonus, for linking you to the below services. These are simply people we value for what they can provide, from physio support, Strength and Conditioning, to nutritional support. Over time, this network will grow.

We know what we're are good at and we know when further support is needed. 

Strength & Conditioning

Chris Peden is a former Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Navy and holds a Master’s degree in Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation from the University of Portsmouth. He works with cyclists of all abilities, from professionals to keen amateurs looking to challenge themselves in local races or sportives. You can see more of his work on Instagram: @combinedathleticperformance

For more information

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The FTR academy 

The FTR Academy is a bike-specific, 100% online nutrition education programme for cyclists of all disciplines to accelerate their physical development and achieve peak performance.

The six-month Academy consists of four phases and over 50 evidence-based lessons to navigate your way to high-performance eating.

Each cyclist has access to bi-weekly coaching support to review and strategies their plan and progress alongside the FTR community, which brings together performance-focused cyclists to help drive each other to

Johnson Physio

Welcome to the website for Johnson Physio, providing physiotherapy and Pilates in Belton, Leicestershire.

As a physiotherapist I am passionate about helping you to live the healthiest and happiest life you can. I really enjoy enabling my patients to achieve their goals, whether this is to return to full fitness following an injury or surgery, to reduce pain, or to improve mobility, strength, posture or function.

I have many years' experience of working in the NHS, sports clubs and private practice.

I have a purpose-designed treatment room, flexible opening hours and am licensed to provide acupuncture.

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